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Friday, January 15, 2010

HeBrews Moment- Wisdom Shared

Good Morning ladies, I just finished reading and studying for awhile and thought I would share with you this morning something Bro. Neal taught me this week. Sunday morning, let me tell you, I was so excited to see how God was going to move in us, during worship in giving and song it was great and some people were already responding to what God was showing them to pray or repent about and THEN Bro. Neal asked a question, "How many people have something in their life that needs to be restored? Examples a relationship, finances, etc." he said about 80% of the congregation raised their hands, I did not turn around and look, but had just went to the altar to pray about restoration and to ask if I was clean before the LORD, so was prepared to do whatever he asked us to do. Because there were so many Bro. Neal went ahead and started preaching. The anointing on him and the message was there and I was anticipating the response of the people at the end of service, but only 2 came forward. Now here is where my battle began: I was saddened and hurt that 80% raised there hand, but only two responded at that time. I was thinking why would they want to stay where they are with this, give it to God, repent, do something, but get out of your seat and move! Well the problem here is that I started basing things on my expectations and what I thought should be happening. Then that hurt started to become anger and when that happens I have to leave and get alone with God and work through it, I have learned from the past that I can not be critical of people. That is not why I am at church. I am there to worship, pray and minister to the people. Now here comes the wisdom in one line: Bro. Neal said "Susan I learned not to base the message on the response of the people. And that is so true. How do I know how God used His message to work in their lives. Many of them once that reality came to them that they need something restored might have made a decision right then to work on it.
I sent out a text that said "Be a participant today and not a spectator" Specifically when we are at church, our worship is between us and God and I believe if that is what we are doing individually it will be a corporate response. If we are concerned about those who are raising their hands or not raising their hands, clapping or not clapping, kneeling, praying etc. then we are only a spectator and not a participant. I took my focus off of God and put it on the people. My heart and Spirit do want them restored to the joy of their salvation, their finances and relationships restored, and I pray that fear or pride has no hold on them and they can get freedom in this area of their lives. Thanks for all that you ladies do for the Kingdom of God.
In the grind for His glory, Susan

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  1. Thats good Susan! I talked to Bro. Neal after the service that day also. I shared with him what was revealed to me thru that message. When I went to the Dr. and found out that the problems I was having was in my inner ear, I didnt understand what that meant. The Dr. explained that the inner ear is your center of gravity and when it is off you are off. So apply that spiritually! WOW!! God blew me away with that. I needed to be restored in my "center of gravity." Meaning my time with God had not been what it should have and so I was off. I was spending time with God but not like he desired for me too and not to the extent that I needed. Just thought I would share this with you. Kind of goes back to "Deep calls unto Deep," sometimes it may appear people are not responding, but it may just be that they are responding between them and God and it isnt needed to be seen by others.